The 10 Great Job Search Techniques That Every Job Seeker Should Use To Land A Job Fast

10 Job Search Techniques

Job hunting can be very challenging and time consuming owing to the increasing number of job seekers compared with the limited vacancies available for grab. Getting your dream job nowadays requires a combination of job search techniques, coupled with your ability to create massive value for your choice employer’s spending. Gone are the days when you have to limit your job search techniques to newspaper ads, referrals etc. With more options available today, you can make the most out of your job hunting. Though the more techniques you employ to your job search, the more interview calls you are likely to get (as long as you have a head for something that will add to your potential employer’s bottom line); and it is pertinent to state that you have to be a “think out of the box” job seeker if you want to get hired fast. Here are ten job search techniques every job seeker should explore to get a job offer fast.

1.Employee Referrals: Though employee referrals is an age-long job search technique, it has been redefined with the emergence of social media. For a social media savvy, employee referrals can be a great search technique to land a dream job. If you are good at networking employees on social media who can connect you with employers or abreast you with job vacancies, you can imagine the number of employers that will have access to your resume and your chances of getting some interview calls. It behoves you, as a job seeker, to employ or use the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to your advantage.

2.Job Boards: A lot of companies are now using job boards to hunt for workers, so they can focus on their core tasks thereby reducing workload, fast-tracking recruitment process, and enhancing productivity. Outsourcing recruitment tasks can also help companies cut operational costs. With over hundred thousand job boards on the internet, you can boost your chances of getting hired by sending out your resume to tons of job vacancies on the job boards. You can access a lot of job boards via Google Search (or other notable search engines) or get a copy of Weddles guide for tons of job boards and other employment related sites on the internet.

3.Company Website: Gone are the days when you have to wait for companies to place job ads in the dailies or on the job boards before you send out your resume for a job offer. You can apply for your dream job right on your potential company’s website through their career page. However, before you send out your profile or resume to the company of your choice, you should try as much as possible to figure out their brand vision (what they want to accomplish in the nearest future) and the description of the job you are seeking (you can have a clue of the job description from what the company offers, though it might be difficult if the position is not advertised on their website), so you can tailor your resume to their brand vision and the job description. Truth is, you can get handy information about the company vision on their About or About Us page.

4.College Search: Undergraduate students and graduates of tertiary institutions can use college search to send out their resumes or profiles to employers who are looking for people from their alma mater to recruit. So, it is time to explore your alma mater’s career services to your advantage (land your dream job), and reap the benefit of graduating from that institution.

5.Web Search: It is a sheer truth that some job seekers are becoming more creative these days. Rather than sending out resumes for job vacancies, they are now using blogs or websites to showcase their potentials (skills set, accomplishents and academic attainments) so they can get found by their potential employers through the search engines and social networking sites rather than the other way round (looking for employers). Despite the fact that the number of companies using the social media and search engines to hire people is on the increase; lots of job seekers still find it hard to get the needed exposure because they are yet to figure out how to showcase their skills set with a blog or website. Do you know you can fast track your dream job by being proactive? So, it is high time you enhanced your chances of getting a good job offer with a blog.

6.Rehires: Although rehires is not the ideal job search technique for many job seekers especially the fresh graduates who have no work history, it is still a means of landing good jobs (new positions) nowadays. Also, you can be hired by your former employer to take up your previous position.

7.Temporal Job: Getting a permanent job might be difficult sometimes especially when you are seeking a juicy job, but starting off with a part time or temporal job can be a great way to climb to the top. Some people have used this technique to grab their dream job, and you can use the same to take your job pursuits to the next level.

8.Walk Ins: Do you know you can walk in on a company and grab a job offer or get one created for you (if there is no job available)? This technique can work for anyone who has a head for figuring out some invaluable business ideas that will bolster up productivity, increase profits etc. Sure, if you have what it takes to deliver massive value for your potential employer’s spending, you will get a job offer in no distant time. Every company is riddled with challenges and they need people who can add value to their bottom line (reduce workload, increase customer base, snowball productivity). Would you make the grade? It is time to stop waiting for jobs to be published in the dailies or scanning job vacancies on the job boards, but rather walk in on your company of choice and show your stuff.

9.Networking: Joining a couple of professional associations in your field of study can be a springboard for making contacts and building rapports; and you can use these contacts to land a job and even advance your professional career. Really, this technique can make a big difference to your job pursuits if you have a head for networking with people that matter.

10.Google Alert: If it is one tool every
job seeker should use for job hunting, it is Google Alert. You don’t have to spend donkey’s hours searching for jobs when Google Alert can do that for you. With your gmail account you can sign in to set up your job keywords such as teacher, accountant etc. and you can have as many job keywords as you desire; and when a job that relates to any of your job keywords is placed on the internet, Google Alert notifies you via your gmail account.

In Conclusion
Having discovered a lot of job search techniques which have the potential to fast track your job pursuits, it is pertinent to state that you have to be proactive in your job pursuits if you want to land your dream job fast. So, it behoves you to broaden your creative horizons and become a sought-after applicant in no distant time.

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