7 Ways To Impress Your Boss and Your Co-workers As A New Hire

Having scaled the hurdle of your job interview, it’s time to figure out, as a new hire, how your skills set can make a massive impact on your company like bolstering up productivity, reducing workload, saving operational costs etc., Of course, your intellectual prowess which has brought about your job interview success should inspire you to maximize your potential to the advantage of your new company, and invariably make your boss happy to have given you a job offer. Here are seven ways you can impress your boss and your co-workers and make a success of your job career.

1.Have a vision
Prior to your resumption day, it is important that you take time to think about how you are going to make a great impact on your position, your boss, co-workers and your company at large. Of course, you can make a great difference to your career by coming up with invaluable ideas that have the potential to mitigate your workload and that of your immediate boss. A clear vision that aligns with your boss’s goals for his organisation can be a springboard to enhancing working relationship with your boss and your co-workers, and increasing your productivity level. To be seen as a great asset to the team, you have to be distinct (proactive). Sure, you ought to have a vision that is worth pursuing and it is also attainable. By the way, what are your expectations for your new job? Where do you want to be in five or ten years’ time? Have you figured out how you are going to achieve your most wanted results? These are some of the questions you should ruminate about. Making your vision (or goals) your sleeping and waking thoughts can be an impulse to its actualisation. In brief, you have to set personal career goals for yourself, plan out your goals and take decisive action.

2.Be Punctual: coming late to work on the resumption day or some days in the first week shows that you are not enthusiastic about your new found job; and it will cast doubt on your commitment to work, and even make your boss to start thinking he has made a wrong choice. You should have known your resumption time through your appointment letter, even if it was not stressed at the interview. To avoid being seen as an employee that is not dependable, you have to show up on time (probably 10 minutes before the resumption time). Don’t ever think your boss will make a joke of your showing up late to work when he frowns at others especially the long-serving employees for their late arrival.

3.Ask Question in relation to your job responsibility: To make a great,! positive impact on your career, you have to ask questions and make some invaluable contribution towards the growth of your department at the staff meeting. By researching before hand the topic to be discussed at the staff meeting, you will have invaluable ideas to share. Try as much as possible to sift the ideas that pop into your head, and share those ones that have the potential to deal with most crucial departmental problems. If you were a webmaster (web designer), you could share ideas about how to enhance sales leads with content marketing, google adwords and what have you. You shouldn’t attend any staff meetings without making an impact. In addtion to that, you should have a one-on-one, regular meeting with your boss to deliberate on vital issues concerning your job; and it shouldn’t last long (let’s say 20 minutes a week). Vengel gives an example on how you can frame the proposal to your boss. “I could really use 20 minutes to make sure I am accomplishing what you want me accomplish and for you to give me any new direction.”

4.Get to know your co-workers: You should have a good understanding of the personality traits of your co-workers so as to know how best to relate with them. What about their attitudes to work? How do they handle team projects? These are some of the things you need to know. Get to know about their job descriptions. Besides, you should think about how you will work well together as a team in order to achieve greater results. However, you should be careful how you react to issues. That is why you need to know the rationale behind the action of each one of your co-workers before you make your conclusion, so you don’t treat them harshly. By creating time to chat with your co-workers during the launch, you would be able to establish and nurture a strong and lasting working relationship with them.

5.Be on the same page with your boss: it is pertinent to state that for you to achieve milestone in your new company, you have to not only make your career goals align with your boss’s vision, but also strive to get his (your boss) goals accomplished. Having your boss’s best interests at heart can bring about your own success. By the way, do you know what makes any customers happy? Of course, quality products and top-quality customer service are the rationale behind customers’ satisfaction. Every customer needs exceptional customer service and quality products or services. After all, they call the shots, and so they deserve to get massive value for their spending. In a similar vein, your boss wants the best for his company. He wants you to offer quality services that have no match, to be committed to work (you will need to go the extra mile) and to make a concerted effort to help him actualize his vision, aspirations and goals (reduce workload, increase income generation, enhance productivity and what have you).

6.Be Versatile: Be prepared to take up assignments outside your usual responsibilities when you have the opportunity. What if your boss needed a graphic designer to create a logo for his company? Can you take up the challenge if you have the knack for using corel draw, though you might be a trained accountant or marketer? By so doing, you are demonstrating your versatility which is key to job security, promotion and pay increase.

7.Evaluate your performance: There is need for you to evaluate your performance at regular intervals to know whether you are getting ahead or not. And if you found that you are falling short of your expectations, you have to readjust your plans, and more importantly, figure out how you can make the most out of your skills set. Reading invaluable books and thinking out of the box are key to making a big difference to your career. Your personality traits and your intellectual capability must rise above the shackles, and your commitment and dedication to work must not be questioned if you really want to make a massive and positive impact on your company.

In Conclusion:
Of course, you can bolster up your productivity level and invariably make the most out of your career by making use of the tips mentioned above. These salient tips are also handy for long-serving employees who want to make all the difference to their job career and become a sought-after candidate for promotion and pay increase. I would like to read your comment on this post, and do not hesitate to share it with your facebook fans and tweet it out to your twitter followers.


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