Why Are You Jobless


Why are you still out of job despite applying for tens or hundreds of jobs? Why are you not hearing from your potential employers? Why are you bothered about your jobless situation? And why should people around you care?
Of course, it is a great thing to get out of bed in the morning to prepare for work. That is what it means to find your WHY. When you know WHY YOU ARE JOBLESS, it becomes easy for you to figure out the way out of your joblessness. Keep in mind that an inspiring journey to a lucrative job starts off with finding your WHY?
Indeed, this book unravels the tactics that will speed up your JOB PURSUIT (land your DREAM JOB in 90 days or less) as you discover lots of hidden jobs, figure out how to create your own work experience, make the most out of employee referrals and many more.


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